Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Mission

POLYGREEN RESOURCES has long been aware of the shortage of resources in the world, so it is actively committed to the professional field of resource regeneration, and has always spared no effort in its contribution to the recycling and utilization of resources.

POLYGREEN RESOURCES adhering to the concept of pragmatically operating a green and sustainable enterprise, and taking the transformation of resources into green products as an environmental sustainable strategy, we promote the recycling and recycling of waste tires. Cradle to Cradle enables the comprehensive recycling of waste tires, reduces the environmental impact caused by the exploitation and utilization of resources, and is truly environmentally friendly.

POLYGREEN RESOURCES pays great attention to issues related to climate change. In the daily office environment, it is more committed to energy saving and carbon reduction, environmental protection and greening, garbage classification and resource recycling operations to reduce power consumption, slow down global warming and waste generation, etc.

Environmental sustainability mission..

Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn. Bhd. will achieve zero discharge of industrial wastewater by 2025.
• In line with the national energy policy target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Action Plan

Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn. Bhd. is planning to recycle and reuse discharged wastewater to reduce industrial wastewater.

Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn. Bhd. reduces waste water and waste gas emissions through a new twin-screw desulfurization process.

Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn. Bhd. install solar energy installations in 2022 to reduce carbon emissions.

• The Taiwan branch is expected to install solar energy installations in 2024-2025 to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Policy.

We have a fundamental responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment. Ultimately, We aim to achieve ZERO accident rates. As such, we will conduct its business activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the safety and health of all and to give the highest regard to the protection of the environment.

On compliance with legislative requirements, we will strive for continuous and progressive improvements of its safety and health performance. The policy will be pursued through strategies and action plans, whole-hearted commitments and sustained involvement of all levels of employees including suppliers/contractors supported by training and education. In implementing this policy, JYRR:

  • Actively promote the principles that all industrial accidents should be prevented and safety is line management responsibility.
  • Investigate all industrial accidents and take immediate corrective action which follows by preventive measures.
  • Keep all employees appropriately informed of known potential hazards and of the safety and health measures being taken to protect them.
  • Pursue progressive reductions of emissions, effluent and discharges of waste materials that are known to have a negative impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim of eliminating them.
  • Develop and maintain, in cooperation with relevant authorities and emergency services, contingency procedures and plans to minimize the consequences of accidents.
  • Aim to provide safe products, which will not cause harm or injury to health.

A safe and healthy workplace environment is one of the factors that make a company successful.

We firmly believe that the improvement of production efficiency must not ignore the safety of the workplace.