Go Green

Waste Tire Circular Economy

Waste tire recycling,

Diversify and give new life,

Create a recycling economy for waste tires,

Increase material reuse.

Carefully manage the environment and make good use of resources,

Continue to promote the circular economy of waste tires,

Provide the highest quality and innovative services.


The durability of recycled rubber provides excellent quality and safety for various products. Recycling and reuse also helps us to be kind to the environment and make full use of resources.

Recycling also helps us to be kind to the environment and make full use of resources.


Waste tires are converted into reusable secondary renewable raw materials,

Applied to rubber asphalt and sports venues, pavement of amusement facilities, green building materials...etc.

Rubber asphalt

Auxiliary fuel for manufacturing

Sports and Playgrounds

Green Buildingmaterial


Auxiliary fuel for manufacturing


Tire auxiliary fuel is to crush waste tires into films and burn them as auxiliary fuel. The film is mainly sold to domestic cogeneration plants, paper industry, etc. as auxiliary fuel. Film used as fuel produces less moisture, sulfur, nitrogen and ash residues, thereby reducing carbon emissions to the environment. In Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries, it is a trend to use waste tire film as an auxiliary fuel, because compared with coal, the heat value of film is 1.3 to 1.5 times that of coal, and each metric ton of film can reduce carbon emissions by 2.2 metric tons and NOx emissions by 34. %, so waste tire chip is regarded as "green energy resource".




Sports and Playgrounds




Green Building Material Noise Reduction and Sound Insulation Mat