Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber

Scrap tires are crushed, screened and finely ground to produce Crumb Rubber.

Crumb Rubber size

5 mesh0.4 cm
10 mesh0.2 cm
20 mesh0.085 cm
30 mesh0.06 cm
40 mesh0.0425 cm
60 mesh0.025 cm
80 mesh0.018 cm
100 mesh0.015 cm

Crumb Rubber application

Crumb Rubber 5-20 mesh( Larger particles ) Rubber Granule can be used in the underlayment for running tracks, children’s playgrounds, gym and rubber tiles.

Crumb Rubber adds shock-absorbing cushioning to a variety of sports and play equipment surfacing, offering safer properties.

The surface with rubber particles dries quickly, expels excess moisture, reduces dust and mud, and is easier to maintain.

Crumb Rubber More than 30 mesh ( smaller particles )It can be used as a compound rubber filling material for rubber products, such as reclaimed rubber, tires, rubber speed bumps, tire pads, conveyor belts, rubber foot pads, shoe sole films and other rubber products. It is also suitable for non-rubber products such as brake pads.

It is also used as a green building material for noise reduction and sound insulation mats. The rubber material provides an elastic layer to reduce the impact and transmission of noise. It is used in floor laying in homes, hotel rooms, piano practice rooms, recording rooms, KTV, etc., in buildings. An interception layer is formed between the ground and the basic structure layer, cutting off the transmission of sound energy and vibration waves to the basic structure, effectively increasing the sound insulation between layers, absorbing the downward transmission of footsteps and impact noise, and significantly improving floor impact. Sound insulation and vibration loss.

In addition, when used on road rubber asphalt pavement, it improves the ability to resist fatigue cracking, cracks, and rutting on the road surface, providing longer road life and driving safety.

Crumb Rubber ( 5 - 20 mesh )Application

Crumb Rubber ( More than 30 mesh )Application

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