Rubber asphalt application

Rubber asphalt

Rubber asphalt is made of asphalt mastic, "Crumb Rubber」It is composed of rubber powder and needs to react with asphalt oil during heating and mixing to produce an expansion reaction of Crumb Rubber.

Crumb Rubber

Recycled waste tires are shredded,

Crumb Rubber is made by finely grinding after screening.


  • Improve the durability of asphalt mixture and extend the service life.
  • The thickness of the asphalt film has good elasticity, which can improve the ability to resist fatigue and cracks on the road surface.
  • Improve the ability to resist high temperature deformation and rutting.
  • Improved life against fatigue cracking.
  • Reduced noise and improved driving comfort.


  • Rubberized asphalt concrete is more resistant to rutting deformation, fatigue cracking, lower pavement noise and longer service life.
  • Rubberized asphalt is a binder used in flexible paving construction and is used to good effect in a variety of applications including surface spread treatments and asphalt concrete.


The Crumb Rubber made from waste tires is applied to the road rubber asphalt, and the road maintenance has low carbon emissions. It not only provides longer road life and driving safety, but also improves the tire reuse rate. The recycling economy of waste tires gives waste tires second life, reducing the burden on the environment.

  • 1,000 waste tires were reused for high-value reuse of 1-lane km of rubber asphalt roads.
  • Combined with warm-mix asphalt technology, the average emission reduction is 3.5 kg of CO2 equivalent per metric ton.
  • As rubber powder for road surface modification, the value of the product is increased by 4.5 times, and the reuse rate of materials is improved.

Rubber asphalt pavement

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