Welcome to Polygreen Resources Co., Ltd.


In face of two of Earth’s biggest challenges-limited resources
and global warming-the recycling of materials has become a critical human endeavor.

Polygreen Resources Co., Ltd. (PRCL) has a vision of being the world's best partner in resource recycling and environmental protection,
while positively impacting global economic
growth and development.

Company Profile
Company Profile

The purpose of the establishment of POLYGREEN RESOURCES Co., Ltd. is to promote environmental protection awareness as the premise, continue to develop and improve, and dare to adopt new technologies to promote the growth and development of the global economy, and become a model of the world's resource recycling and environmental protection enterprises.

Anticipating this need, Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn Bhd (JYRR) was established in 1988 to manufacture premium-quality reclaimed rubber, crumb rubber, and rubber granule. The company is strategically located at Port Klang, the largest international seaport in Malaysia, which provides easy global access.

We have advanced production equipment, equipped with automated production processes and computer management, with an annual output of 12,000 tons, making us a major manufacturer of reclaimed rubber, rubber powder and granules in Asia.

The company does not hesitate to invest a lot of money and manpower to further improve our technology, and tirelessly research and develop new products related to reclaimed rubber. Our technical team maintains close contact with the global rubber research center, and continuously improves the production process through technical exchanges to supply the needs of the world market.

We believe that maintaining a good cooperative relationship with customers and providing them with technical assistance from time to time is the main reason to ensure that our products can meet customer requirements. In addition to exporting to Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Singapore and other Asian countries, our products are also sold to other countries such as the Middle East and Australia.


Business Philosophy

We have always believed that the world’s resources are limited, and that preserving our natural environment is one of the most important issues facing humanity.

We are dedicated to recycle and reuse waste products in order to preserve the natural environment.

As an integral part of the world community, we accept our-and encourage others to bear their-responsibility of providing a healthy and non-polluted environment for generations to come.


Vision & Mission

PRCL is recognized as the world’s leading recycled-rubber resources company

that makes significant contributions toward conserving our environment

and improving the quality of people’s lives around the globe.

We have an outstanding work team that passionately and continuously improves our products, competitive advantage, and market position—ensuring healthy profits and returns to all our stakeholders.

we are a company whose work culture and business environment consistently attract, engage, and retain the best associates,,partners, and investors.



POLYGREEN RESOURCES Co., Ltd. treats people with integrity and cooperation

actively and responsibly,

provide high quality products,

advocate environmental protection and commit to resource recycling,

as the core value of POLYGREEN RESOURCES Co., Ltd..